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Wild Atlantic Way To Get Star Wars Boost

Dec 13, 2017

the Wild Atlantic Way Offers an Out of the World Experience at the Edge of our World

In a Galaxy not so far away, the appeal of Ireland’s west coast - for humans and extra-terrestrials alike - is at the centre of a new Fáilte Ireland advertisement unveiled today as part of a new Star Wars inspired marketing campaign.  

Crafted as a promotion from an interstellar tourism agency, the new ad will feature in cinemas for six weeks (from December 14) and is timed to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Framed as a message fit for beaming across the solar system, the advertisement will be appearing in 73 cinemas and on 472 screens across the republic. The film will also be promoted via YouTube, Sky On Demand and the RTE Player.  You can view the ad here

Welcoming the campaign, Minister of State for Tourism, Brendan Griffin TD said: “The inclusion of iconic Irish landscapes from Kerry and elsewhere along the Wild Atlantic Way in the forthcoming Star Wars film ensures that the force will very much be with Irish tourism as we seek to capitalise on this fantastic exposure to promote our coastal destinations at home and abroad.”

Speaking today, Fáilte Ireland Head of Marketing Daragh Anglim said: “What if an audience from outside Ireland were asked to Embrace the Wild Atlantic Way of Life? Say, from another planet? Imagine how amazing it would look to them. To coincide with the launch of Star Wars : The Last Jedi our cinema ad showcases the stunning Wild Atlantic Way as if it is being beamed from another planet and presented as the perfect galactic tourist escape by an outer space tourist body.

“The release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the Star Wars phenomenon brings with it a unique opportunity for the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland. Our marketing will capitalise on the exposure that the blockbuster release will generate presenting an opportunity to position the Wild Atlantic Way as a destination that is truly out of this world, encouraging the domestic audience to fully re-appraise what is on our doorstep with fresh eyes at an important seasonal time for planning breaks and holidays in the year ahead.

"We have developed a campaign with powerful images which taps into the cultural moment around the film’s release to remind an Irish audience that you don’t have to leave the planet to enjoy exhilarating sights and get away from it all.”

Irish landscapes (particularly Skellig Michael) are expected to feature prominently in the forthcoming movie and Fáilte Ireland is working to bring the Star Wars stories to life including a touring itinerary of the film locations which can be found at .

Fiona Monaghan, Fáilte Ireland’s Head of the Wild Atlantic Way today emphasised: “Locals have seen a positive economic benefit in business since the filming of the last Star Wars movie, particularly with regard to boat providers, restaurants, pubs and accommodation. 

“We are working to make the most from the increased exposure provided by the films and earlier this year we launched a new Visitor Experience Plan  for the Skellig Coast area which aims to bring the Star Wars benefit beyond Skelligs and increase visitor activity in the wider region surrounding the iconic attraction. It will also ensure that developments along the local stretch of the Wild Atlantic Way route are compelling and motivating to all the international visitors lured to the region by the film.”  

Locations in Kerry, Cork, Clare and Donegal were picked for filming in the new Star Wars movie and Fáilte Ireland is working with local businesses to develop experiences and itineraries at each of the locations along the Wild Atlantic Way to capitalise on an expected spike in interest.