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Advertising At Cork Airport

Cork Airport is Ireland’s second largest and busiest airport,offering the opportunity to target both an Irish and international audience under one roof. In 2019, Cork Airport handled 2.6 million passengers throughout over 50 routes across the UK and Continental Europe, up 8% on 2018.

We boast a new, modern terminal building with a loyal and proud catchment area. Cork Airport has a Widely-recognised, award winning customer service and is a leader in high passenger satisfaction levels - so there are plenty of reasons why advertisers should choose our Airport. The audience passing through the Airport is further increased by meeters & greeters, along with staff from the Cork Airport Business Park utilising the dining and meeting options across the Arrivals Hall. Airport travellers are a captive audience with a uniquely receptive mindset and dwell time!

Advertising and promoting your products or services at Cork Airport gives you the opportunity to publicise your brands in a state-of-the-art terminal, whilst connecting with various consumers aged between 25 and 50+ and are typically within the ABC1 demographic.

There are a wide range of media formats available landside, airside and outdoors. These include striking transparency lightboxes, branded arrival doors, advertising columns, highly visible sponsored locations and a number of promotional points. In addition, we have recently installed 10 modern digital screens, allowing for bright, vivid displays to capture the attention of passers-by instantly.

The new additions include an eye-catching. 4.8m x 2.2m large video wall in Arrivals, connecting brands to a captive environment of passengers, staff, families and friends.

Targeting departing passengers, there are now six digital screens spanning the length of the departure hall, along with a large screen now located at Gate 6-7, near the very busy Craft Lane Bar. Reaching all arriving passengers, two new AerPods are on display on the arrivals journey, one after immigration and a second after customs.

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If you would like to know more about the portfolio of advertising services and products at Cork Airport, please contact Kathleen Walshe at +35319449391 or by email at

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Filming & Photography At Cork Airport

Please notify us of any news reporting, interviewing and non-commercial filming or photography before you proceed. In addition all commercial filming and photography at Cork Airport requires written permission in advance. Airport Security will remove anyone filming or photographing without this permission.

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