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The Airport Police Service (APS) is responsible for general policing and aviation security duties at the State airports in Cork and Dublin. We are also tasked with the safety of the State airports and the protection of civil aviation from unlawful acts of interference.

Duties also include responding to emergency situations, traffic management and dealing with the preservation of good order to ensure all users of State airports can enjoy a safe environment while working or travelling through the airports.

The Airport Police are "Authorised Officers" under the Airports and Aviation Acts 1936 to 2014 and as such have full policing powers within the State airports.

Traffic Management and Police Fines At Cork Airport

Traffic management within the airport is the responsibility of the Airport Police. The methods of enforcement used for parking or traffic offences are clamping, towing and Fixed Payment Notices.

Any vehicle parked in contravention of the Airport Bye-Laws may be subject to any of these methods of enforcement.

If a Fixed Payment Notice has been served on a person and they wish to either pay or appeal the fine they can click here and follow the steps outlined. Note: No payments will be accepted for Fixed Payments on-site. All transactions must be done through the website.

For more information on fines, payments and appeals please visit the daa website here.

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