Cork Airport

Special Assistance 

Reduced Mobility

Cork Airport is dedicated to providing accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) at the airport.

These services are intended to:

  • Enable the passenger to communicate their arrival at the airport and request for assistance at the designated points inside and outside terminal buildings

  • Enable the passenger to move from the designated point to the check-in counter

  • Check-in and register baggage

  • Proceed from check-in counter to the aircraft, with completion of emigration, customs and security procedures

  • Board the aircraft, with the provision of lifts, wheelchairs or other assistance needed as appropriate

  • Proceed from the aircraft to the baggage hall and retrieve baggage with completion of immigration and customs procedures

  • Proceed from the baggage hall to the designated point of departure

  • Reach connecting flights when in transit with assistance airside and landside.

OCS provide the above services for PRM at Cork Airport and can be contacted by phone on +353 (0)21 432 9745 or by email at: 


Notification – 48 Hours in advance

In order to deliver the most effective service to passengers who require these services, persons with reduced mobility should contact and notify their airline, travel agent or tour operator with details of their assistance requirements at least 48 hours in advance of the departure of their flight. It is very important that PRM ensure that they contact their airline, travel agent or tour operator directly as their onward travel may be affected otherwise by the safety rules an air carrier applies to the carriage of persons with reduced mobility.

If you are having difficulty requesting your assistance through your airline directly, then alternatively you can pre-book your assistance at Cork Airport through the PRM Assist Mobile app which is available here on the Apple App store and Google Play Store. This assistance booking will be passed on to our service provider OCS who will assist you through Cork Airport.

Designated Points of Arrival/Departure

Cork Airport has designated points of arrival/departure where passengers can advise that they have arrived and require assistance. At Cork Airport these are located in the following areas:

  • Short-Term Multi-Story Car Park – Level 1 Lift Lobby
  • Long-Term Car Park 2
  • The PRM set down area in front of the terminal
  • The PRM reception desk located in the main hall of the terminal.

Please follow Car Parking directional signage to the designated car parks indicated by the PRM logo.

Special Parking – Blue Disability Permit Holders

Reserved easy access car parking is available on the ground floor of the Multi-Storey Car Park and a covered walkway takes you directly to the entrance of the terminal. 

Passengers who may require assistance from the car park can contact our assistance service provider at the pick-up point in the lift lobby - Level 1. Facilities for set-down and pick-up are available for people with disabilities at the entrances to our Arrivals and Departures concourses.

Airport Facilities

The Terminal Building at Cork Airport is easily accessible. Specially adapted facilities include toilets, lifts, escalators, telephones, vending machines and signage.


There are toilet facilities throughout the terminal building for people with disabilities. All standard and disabled facilities are clearly indicated by directional and overhead signage.


There are ample lifts and escalators located throughout the terminal building. Clear directional signage points the way to these. All lifts have directional inbuilt voiceovers and Braille control buttons.

Telephone & Snack Vending Machine Facilities

Low-level coin, credit card telephones and snack vending machines are located throughout the terminal to facilitate passengers in wheelchairs.

Facilities for Partially Sighted

Guide dogs and hearing dogs are the only dogs permitted in the terminal building. The airport directional and information signage is clearly placed, well lit and uses optimum colour contrast to ensure everyone can read them correctly.

Security Check

All passengers must pass through the passenger security check area before reaching the departures lounge. Such a search may be carried out by hand or by using hand-held detectors. If required, a private search area away from the main area can be provided.

Contact Us

If you would like to make a comment in relation to the service provided at Cork Airport, you can email us at