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Welcome to Pisa

This university town has more to offer than just its iconic tower. Discover the very best of Tuscany from the delightful city of Pisa.

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About Pisa:

There is more to Pisa than just its famous leaning tower. The city was a wealthy maritime power in the 11th-13th centuries and reminders of that Golden Age are dotted around the city in the form of perfectly maintained Romanesque buildings and Gothic churches. After taking the obligatory photo of you ‘pushing against’ the leaning tower make sure to explore Pisa outside the Piazza dei Miricoli where the tower and many of the other famous Pisa buildings reside. What you’ll find is a young and vibrant university town bristling with life, street events and cafes. The city also acts as a gateway to the olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany.

Things to do here:

Torre Pendente - Leaning Tower Cultural

The iconic Torre Pendente is the emblem of the city and the best-known monument in Cathedral Square. With 300 steps to the top, the tower leans at an angle of 3.9 degrees.

Piazza dei Miricoli - Square of Miracles Cultural

The Square of Miracles is home to the Leaning Tower as well as Pisa’s Duomo and Baptistry -  great examples of Renaissance genius.

The Tusan Countryside Scenic Tours

Pisa is the perfect place for short day trips to Florence, Siena and San Grimignino and to also explore the fabulous Tuscan countryside. 

Gelateria Gentile Ice Cream Parlour Culinary

Gelateria Gentile in Calambrone offers a great range of ice-cream flavours in a friendly and relaxed ice cream parlour.