Cork Airport

Hand Baggage Allowances

EU aviation security regulations prohibit all passengers from carrying any liquid, gels or pastes of more than 100mls through security screening. 

Passengers can bring liquids in containers of 100mls or less packed in a single transparent, re-sealable one litre plastic bag. Please note that the size of all containers of 100mls or less must be clearly branded.

All passengers should familiarise themselves with these regulations, which will help effect a smooth transition through the security screening area. Click here for PDF version of EU Liquids Regulations.
The following information sets out what the regulations mean whether you are travelling for business or leisure purposes, what you need to bear in mind if you have children travelling with you or if you have special dietary or medical requirements.  In addition, we have answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Containers of 100mls or less of liquids, gels, pastes, lotions and cosmetics may be brought through the passenger security screening points at all EU airports. In addition, these items must be presented at the passenger security screening point in a transparent re-sealable bag of no more than one litre capacity, 20cm x 20cm. The rules apply to all liquids/gels/pastes such as water and beverages, aerosol cans and toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip-gloss and creams.

There are two exceptions to the rules: 

  1. Baby food needed during the flight

  2. Medicines needed during the flight. (Please note: All over the counter medicine for children, such as Calpol or Neurofen must be in bottles of 100ml or less).

Exempt items must also be placed in a separate transparent re-sealable bag and presented separately at the passenger security screening area.

The following rules apply to liquids in hand baggage:

  1. You can only take liquids, gels, pastes, lotions and cosmetics in containers of no more than 100 millilitres in size through the passenger security point at all EU airports 

  2. These containers must be carried in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag and presented separately to the security screening officers. Liquid volume should be clearly indicated on all containers 

  3. There is a limit of one transparent plastic bag per person 

  4. The volume of the transparent plastic bag may not be greater than one litre, 20cm x 20cm 

  5. The transparent plastic bag must be re-sealable.

When passing through the passenger security point, you must place the transparent re-sealable bag containing liquids, and other substances covered by the regulations, separately, in the tray for X-ray screening.
Coats, jackets and large electrical appliances such as laptops must also be placed in the tray provided for security screening.

We strongly recommend that if you must carry some liquids or other substances covered by the regulations in your hand luggage, you pack them in the required transparent, re-sealable bag, before coming to the airport. Bags are available at most local supermarkets.