Cork Airport

Greeting Passengers

The meeting point for greeting arriving passengers is located opposite the Airport Information Desk in the Arrivals Hall. 

If you are collecting passengers from Cork Airport, please ensure you know the flight number of your family, friends or colleagues and the airport they are flying from. 

Find up to date flight arrival times here

When greeting passengers, you must park in the short-term multi-storey car park. Vehicles are not permitted to park outside the terminal building. Attended vehicles will be moved on and the policy of clamping unattended vehicles is strictly enforced by Airport Police. Cars must not be left unattended at any time.

Dropping-Off Passengers 

The short-term car park is located in the Multi-Storey Car Park adjacent to the terminal building and should be used by those dropping-off passengers. The terminal can be accessed from the Multi-Storey Car Park via a covered walkway. 

Paying For Parking

By cash:

Customers paying by cash must settle their car parking charges at a Pay Station before reaching the car park barrier. 
Car Park staff can be contacted for assistance at any Barrier or Pay Station by pressing the ‘i’ button.

By Credit or Debit Card:

Take a ticket at Entry and pay for this ticket with your card at any Pay Station.
Take a ticket at Entry and pay for this ticket by inserting your card at the Exit barrier.
Insert your Credit or Debit card in the Entry barrier and the same card in the Exit barrier when leaving.

Setting-Down Passengers

If you are setting down passengers at Cork Airport, the road outside the terminal is the set-down area to facilitate the unloading of people and/or baggage. 

Due to the volume of traffic using Cork Airport and in the interest of good traffic management, vehicles are not permitted to wait for arriving passengers outside the terminal.  Attended vehicles will be moved on and unattended vehicles will be clamped and removed.