Cork Airport

Customs Information

Here is a simple guide to help you negotiate customs at Cork Airport. There are three customs channels in operation at the airport: Blue, Green and Red.

Blue Channel

Passengers whose journey and flight commenced in another EU country do not have to make any declaration to customs on arrival and may proceed directly through the Blue Channel.

Green and Red Channels

Passengers who arrive in Cork:

  • On flights from non-EU countries, the Canary Islands or the Channel Islands or

  • From an EU airport on a flight that originated outside the EU    

must clear customs in Ireland by going through either the Green or Red Channel.

You should go through the Green Channel if you are sure that you have:

  • No more than the allowances to which you are entitled. These are posted on notices around the baggage hall

  • No prohibited or restricted goods.

You should go through the Red Channel if you:

  • Are in doubt

  • Have more than the allowances to which you are entitled

  • Have any prohibited or restricted goods.

Irish Customs and Excise information, including allowances and details of prohibited and restricted goods, is available here.